Meet Invanto. Invanto makes it super easy to build multiple schools as well as manage them all from one dashboard. Tens of thousands of coaches use Invanto for building their online courses, with full control over branding.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Teachable, this article may provide some helpful information.

Here are 3 key questions to consider before you pick Teachable:

Q1. Can You Build Multiple Schools From One Account?

– Here’s the biggest difference between Teachable and Invanto – our platform allows you to build multiple schools from one account. This means, your data is fully centralized and you will have a 360-degree view of your students, and business.

– With Teachable, you can create only one school under one account. In case you want to build a second school, you will have to sign up all over again, using a different email account, and then build your second school under that account. This means, your students have to create & manage another login.

– Normally, an online coach builds 2-3 schools to sell in different niche markets. Say you have an online school to teach business strategy, you’d want to build a separate school to teach marketing as well.

– Lastly, you can reuse the same course, and sell it at different pricing points from multiple schools. You have to create your course only once, and then add it to multiple schools easily.

Q2. Can You Build Membership Sites Using Same Course Content?

– Here’s another big difference between Teachable and Invanto – our platform allows you to take any of your course, and convert it into a full-fledged membership site. If you have, let’s say, 20 courses…then you can build a membership site from each of your course. That means, along with owning an online school, from where you sell all twenty courses, you can build 20 membership sites too, one from each of your course. And your students still need only one account.

But, why would I need to create 20 membership sites in the first place?

Think of your audience, not about the format of your courses. There are thousands of people who’d like to consume your content in the form of a regular course. But then there are millions of other people too who’d prefer a membership site format, where you drip-feed content on a pre-defined schedule. These people don’t like to see tons of courses in your school. They just want to see one course, subscribe to that, and go through the content in a scheduled class manner. Don’t miss out on this audience.

– And each of your membership sites can run from its own domain. With Teachable, you are stuck with selling your content only in an online course/school format. With Invanto, you can reuse your content in a variety of ways and put your content to work hard for you.

Q3. Can They Support You When You Need More Tools?

You need different tools at different stages. Single point apps, such as Teachable, only provide solutions to acute problems. Outgrow one problem, install a new app. And app after app after app, your web of technology grows more complex and is susceptible to failure.

The solution is simple: Invanto will give you access to different tools you need at different points of time, but in a single platform that won’t result in disparate data sources. Build a school using Invanto’s course builder app. Start a membership site using Invanto’s membership site builder. And do a lot more with our upcoming apps.

NOTE: We have shared a few of our upcoming apps in another post here. Do read it too to find out how Invanto is evolving.

We are creating a bunch of helpful tools that you need and aggregating them in one dashboard, thus ensuring all the business data will live in one location.

We didn’t do a feature-by-feature comparison in this post. That is intentional. Because if you find a feature that is there in Teachable, but not in Invanto…then you will surely find a feature which is present in Invanto, but not in Teachable. And both Teachable and Invanto will catch up on the missing features, sooner or later.

The intent of this post is to show you fundamental differences, which may look small today but could result in tons of re-work and data & time loss… when your business actually starts to scale.

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